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What Is AndoFitness' Affiliate Marketing System?

It's a way anyone can earn money by promoting AndoFitness' online personal training programs using special customized, targeted links.

You can promote the program online via website, blog or social media -- Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or any social network you like.

The program is designed for social media, is self-propagating, and runs on auto-pilot. It's also free to join.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Affiliate Commissions
65% Commissions/Recurring

You make a whopping 65% of each sale. This is unprecedented in the fitness industry.

This is a trial launch of our new affiliate program. You can get in on the ground floor by joining during this special trial period.

It's a win-win situation:

Here is a chart that shows how much you could earn using this program:

12 Week Transformation Program = $33/month
You Earn: $1 + $21.45 per sale ($22.45 initial + $21.45 recurring)*
# of Sales 1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month 6th Month 12th Month
1 Sale per week $89.80 $175.60 $261.40 $518.80 $1033.60
1 Sale per day $673.50 $1317 $1960 $3891 $7752
5 Sales per day $3367.50 $6585 9802.50 $19,455 $38,760
* Minus transaction fees.
Exponential Growth
Exponential Growth

To clarify, each number represents your monthly income.

For example, if you only make 1 sale per week, at the end of 12 months, you would be earning $1033.60 per month, each and every month thereafter (and increasing) based on recurring membership renewals.

If you actively promoted the site on your social network, you could easily obtain 1 sale per day. In such a case, you would be making $7752 per month at 12 months.

If you have a large following on your Instagram, Youtube or Facebook page, you could easily grab fitness seekers and enthusiasts to the order of 5 sales per day. The chart shows how you could potentially make in excess of $38,000 per month.

Even if you spent leisure time promoting your link, and made intermittent sales, you could easily be earning enough income after a few months to quit that job you hate. This is more than a business, it's a career choice. And why not do something productive and fulfilling for a living?

Fitness motivation, fat-burning, and muscle building are now some of the most searched-for terms online, surpassing most other search criteria on the internet today, and is quickly becoming the number one niche on the internet.

Some Statistics:

Google Search term
"build muscle" Google search

This program is aimed at the many millions of ordinary, everyday people around the world who are overweight, underweight, or obese and are looking to shed extra pounds or wish to have their dream "beach body" and need help with diet, nutrition and fitness instruction.

Offering these people this exclusive program will ensure you are rewarded in this sensitive and booming market.

People are spending their money like crazy regardless of how viable or how misleading the product or service is, and let's face it -- the market is full of scams, gimmics, fake products and misleading information. Why not offer them something that is real, based on certified, experienced professionals with proven results to back it up?

The answer is, the only fitness membership site of it's kind on the internet today, programmed exclusively for the benefit of both, the internet customer and fitness professional. This is your exclusive ground-breaking business opportunity!

Does this cost me anything?

It's free. You never have to spend a penny.

How easy is it to make sales?

Fitness Niche is on fire
Fitness Niche is on fire

The stats above show us that North Americans spend over $60 billion each year on weight loss products, the majority of which are scams or simply don't work.

Notice the endless infomercials with sketchy-looking products? It's a dead giveaway.

Not only is this niche on fire, but people will stop at nothing to achieve their fitness related goals.

This program offers a an unmistakable and undeniable solution to fitness seekers by providing exactly what they're looking for with a money-back guarantee, at a time-limited discounted trial price that's hard to resist:

High Converting Trial Price
High Converting Trial Price

A sale starts with just a $1 trial, which, if the customer chooses to stay, turns into a $33/month recurring membership.

It's much more feasible than conventional personal training (which can cost $50 - $100/hour), yet with all of the benefits of personal training -- including meal plans, custom workout routines, 24/7 unlimited support, free bonuses, as well as a cash bonus Transformation Award program -- so member retention is extremely high.

All you have to do is promote your affiliate link. The website does the rest for you.

How do I link to the AndoFitness website?

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Example Facebook Ads

Once you sign up, you will receive many custom linking options including banners, ads, and social media memes and video promos -- that you can add to your website or social network.

We will also support every affiliate with the best ways to market your link to obtain maximum exposure to targeted, organic traffic (paying customers)!

You never have to spend a penny to market your links either. It's also free.

Simply log into your Affiliate Control Panel (Step 2 below). Choose a linking code, then copy and paste it to your website or social media pages.

How do I earn money?

When anyone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you are immediately credited for the sale. You can view and track your sales in real time by logging into your affiliate control panel.

2nd Tier Income

2nd Tier Income
5% Lifetime 2nd Tier Income

The above example doesn't even include the additional 2nd tier income you could earn simply by referring other webmasters to promote AndoFitness, as your sub-affiliate.

To recruit sub-affiliates, you can use a special affiliate link that you can find in your affiliate control panel. For every sale from your sub-affiliate, you make a 5% cut.

Social Media
Advertise via Social Media

Don't have a website? No problem. Everyone is on social media on some way or another.

Don't have a lot of followers? Still, it's not a problem...

Remember that guy on Instagram with millions of followers? Get him to join -- send him your affiliate link.

Or remember that viral video from that Youtube channel? Send him your affiliate link.

This is a way to make money without doing any work at all. The more webmasters and social media gurus you refer to become sub-affiliates, the more residual income you will make.

Some Tier 2 income math:

Let's say you recruited a guy on Instagram who has 5000 followers by sending him your affiliate linking code, and he becomes your sub-affiliate. Due to his large number of followers he starts making 10 sales a day. This means that you're already earning $495/month. Let's assume that you did nothing else to promote this program. In 3 months, due to recurring sales income, your net income would amount to $1485/month. All just for recruiting one sub-affiliate with a lot of followers. This program is no joke!

How do I know if I've made a sale?

Our payment processor is JVZoo -- one of the most reliable and super fast payment processors online. When you sign up for a JVZoo affiliate account (Step 1 below), you can track your sales in real time in your JVZoo affiliate control panel.

How Do I Know I'm Getting Credit For Each Sale?

When a surfer clicks on your customized link, your affiliate code automatically gets stored in a cookie on the user's computer for 90 days -- so you will get credit if the surfer buys a membership upto 90 days after he visits the site using your hoplink URL.

How to Check:

This will confirm that you are getting credit for each sale you make using your custom link.

Become An Affiliate

Step 1: You need an account with our payment processor, so you can get paid. Our payment processor is JVZoo. They handle payments and your affiliate commissions.

Step 2: Login to the Affiliate Control Panel to get your affiliate links, banners, and promo ads that you can share on various social media networks.

Register for a JVZoo account.

Login to your JVZoo account
and click on "My Account." help_outline

Copy your Affiliate ID. help_outline
Login to the Affiliate Control Panel
with your JVZoo Affiliate ID:

Feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.